WotBS: The Story So Far

The party got thrown together as a result of being trapped in a city named Arc, upon which marched a group of Inquisitors from the nearby theocracy of Aurion. The death of its previous Exarch left Aurion's new ruler attempting to show his strength, which he decided to do by directing an army at Aurion's longtime enemy, Tenebrae. This path happened to go through Arc, which was built on a giant bridge spanning a river canyon, and thus Arc became the first target for Aurion's holy war.

The group essentially fell in the with the resistance in Arc, and when it became clear that they were going to fight their way out of the town, they were asked to carry a case of secret Aurite intelligence to the Academy of Ialea, a mage academy in the town of Tabris. They have arrived in Tabris just a few days ago, finding it flooded with refugees, and learning that Aurion has actually begun wars on mupltiple fronts. Having lost two of their original companions, they are now faced with the question of whether or not they wish to continue working against the Church's efforts.

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