UtS TRPG Mutation Classes

This page contains mutation concepts for Fox's Under the Star Tactical RPG game.


Changes character's role, e.g. Tank → Brute.
Condition: Activated; set number of rounds.
Examples: Noroi (Tank → Brute), Karasu (Thief → Caster), Kai (Summoner → Tank)


Unambiguous boost the character's stats, no role change.
Condition: Activated; Corrosion timer
Examples: Ao, Yoru


Like a Boost or a Shift, but cannot be activated by the character. Removes control of the character while in effect.
Condition: Character-specific trigger; Corrosion timer
Examples: Kourui (triggers on Sei bloodied)


Dumps most stats but zeroes the character's target priority (and grants “pass” effect?). Also grants stealth?
Condition: Activated; Corrosion timer
Examples: Nezumi, Zan, Karu

Inherent (Unique)

Special. Instead of a distinct mutated form, Kami gets the ability augment her attacks. Where other characters can use weapons, Kami gets a number of fixed, non-degradable attacks with different properties (one slow with extra damage, one high-crit, etc.).


Character gets general boost/special abilities instead of Mutation.
Examples: Sei, Tsuyu, Reishi?

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