UtS TRPG Concepts

This page contains general game mechanic and setting concepts for Fox's Under the Star Tactical RPG game.

Scarcity and Salvage

  • Weapons and usable materials are valuable commodities on the Underside. Thus, degrading/limited weapons (as in Fire Emblem) are in.
  • Loot from fights will come in the form of salvage, which can then be traded or used for construction. Nezumi, Risu and possibly other characters can create different items with different salvage parts, or repair existing weapons. Different characters will have different specialities; Risu is better with electronics, Nezumi with machines, and so forth.
  • A magical crafter too? Use “foci” to limit the resources of the caster-types?
  • The food/water shortage needs no mechanical effects, but the actions/decisions in the story should reinforce it. At the appropriate time, this barrier will be removed by recruiting Harakou/bus.

Relationship Building

  • Exploring the characters' personalities and problems will be an optional but highly beneficial part of the game. This will mostly take the form of “base conversations” as in Fire Emblem, only with many player choices/dialogue prompts.
  • Ideally, this should be able to be done between two non-main characters (i.e., couples not including Shuji), much like Star Ocean. To incentivise relationship building, characters will receive combat bonuses from nearby characters with whom they have good relationships (a la support or bond bonuses in Fire Emblem).
  • Romance is a factor in these conversations, and many combinations of characters can “wind up” together given the right dialogue trees. However, some relationships are just friendly.

Setting Concepts

  • Swords – why? Because UAG armour (excepting hardsuits) is optimised against ballistics, and actually kind of sucks versus slashing weapons.
  • Weapons, other items, and food and water should all be rare. This supports the feel of the post-apocalyptic setting, and the idea that money is much less valuable than things.
  • Mutations are dangerous. People can be transformed only for a limited time before they suffer “corrosion”; the time varies with individuals, but overall it is brief. This is demonstrated in-game via the “corrosion timer” or predetermined time-limit on most Mutated forms.

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