The Sign of Three

Our hero stands, wealth in hand,
The prize for his endeavours.
The masses cheer, to hide their fears
That no man lives forever.

Arnea! Spread wide as Bidestra from tip to tip, an ancient land with its legacy of a thousand warring kings. There's not a grain of sand across the shimmering deserts that hasn't tasted blood at some point. Wood, stone, sand, steel - if it's there, someone's used it as a weapon. Right now, that continent is a dozen countries strong - whatever you can consider Nbyana or Jarrath - and not a one of them likes the other.

Funny thing, though? They're all slaves. From the Savalyne in their ivory pyramid to the brass spires of Horandi, there's not a man on that land who probably isn't descended from slaves. It's a strange, strange day, when the princes of slaves shape the world.

Stranger still, these days, those people who fight so hard not to be remembered, but to be forgotten…

… but if a man wishes to be forgotten forever…

… there's not a better place than the pitiless wilds of Arnea.

Mechanical Information

The game is a D&D 3.5e campaign, set in Cobrin'Seil. I know most of my players are very familiar with Cobrin'Seil's pulp-magepunk-fantasy setting, and I figure that our newcomer will have plenty of chances to ask questions about what's going on.

There's banned stuff; there are altered rules and game-wide nerfs. To squash a few big bugs before you ask me, the spells Divine Power, Polymorph, Baleful Polymorph, Shapechange and Tenser's Transformation are all gone.

Every 'wizard' prestige class that gives full spellcasting advancement and does not either require multiclassing or a very large feat payload (such as the Sacred Fist or Jade Phoenix Mage) loses its first level of spellcasting advancement. Any prestige class of that same type that gives up one spellcasting level at any level but first now loses that spellcasting level at first level. I want such classes to involve an actual sacrifice.

The druid is completely out, because I cannot be arsed adjudicating Wild Shape nerfs. If you want to make a nature-themed character who isn't overpowered, we have a number of alternative options (the Feral Animist or the Spirit Shaman, for example).

These are principles around which the rules are crafted; approach me to discuss what's going on, and we can talk it out. A lot of things are permissable - I view my role as the GM to keep players reasonably close to one another in power level and to keep anything from running too wild out of control.

Some contentious creatures that are allowed? Divine Metamagic, the Mystic Theurge, the Warlock, Tome Of Battle, and the Vow of Poverty.

Stats are obtained through the 42-point point-buy method. I'm available via moc.liamg|eelnelat.liame#sserdda liame ym, and welcome any questions or feedback people have or want.

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