The Seven Clans

In Alm, the kobold emancipation was followed by and expedition to seek out a new home for their race. The group which set forth, called the Seven Seekers, woul eventually become the forebears of seven distinct clans, each with their own genetic quirks. This newly-found diversity proved extremely fortuitous for the kobolds, their racial philosophy of community and interdependence reinforced as they learned to form more effective groups based on their new strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, the kobold "clans" are not the basis of one's dwelling or social group, but rather the origin of one's distinct bloodline – interbreeding is not so much encouraged as simply expected, as every tribe wants to have at least one or two descendants of each clan.

Clan Arytiss

Thought to carry the purest dragon blood of any known kobold, the giant-sized Arytiss ("warrior") was the pride of her tribe, and her prowess saved them from many an unnecessary loss in battle. Although she bore no sorcerous talent, and was by all accounts a rather simple and introverted individual, Arytiss' prodigious brawn and hardiness made her an invaluable member of the Seven Seekers' expedition, and a symbol of the draconic heritage that is the kobolds' great pride.

The descendants of Arytiss are much larger than other kobolds, some even rivalling small humans in overall mass. They also develop a much more pronounced muscle structure than their smaller brethren, and usually grow far less fur, their sleek but powerful musculature visible under a tight, scaly sheen.

Clan Edar

Edar, who took the name of "earth", was a ferocious warrior who trained ceaselessly to overcome his small stature. Deeply proud of his people, Edar wanted nothing more than to overthrow their tyrannical ruler; however, he lacked the patience and presence to instigate such a change himself. Ever frustrated, he waited many years for those who would lead the revolution, and was well into middle-age when his dream was finally realised. Afterward, Edar joined the Seven Seekers as a form of atonement; let his sharp blades and sharp wit, he reasoned, make up for his social shortcomings.

Edar kobolds are fairly average in appearance; though they are often amongst the smaller specimens of their race, they are also lean and wiry, and surprisingly muscular. They also have longer legs than their brethren, though this is rarely evident unless the legs are expanded for running or stretching.

Clan Leirith

The kobold who called herself Leirith - "near", for her vigilance was her greatest pride - was the leader of the Seven Seekers, watching over her companions with a dutiful eye. A gifted commander and a pioneer who negotiated through many of her peoples' first encounters with the surface races, Leirith embodied the loyalty and sense of family that unites her race, and provides and ideal to which many a young warrior hopes to live up.

The descendants of Leirith appear to be fairly ordinary by kobold standards, but for their height - their arms and legs tend to be longer than those of their kin, giving them a slightly noble bearing. This is usually complemented by a noticeably different stance, speaking of pride and authority. They also tend to be more solemn than their kindred, which gives them an odd sense of presence; they can often seem all the more dangerous for their apparent calm.

Clan Mejir

Mejir, whose name means "scent", was a renowned - if rather young - huntsman and tracker, the champion of many a raiding party. A restless explorer, Mejir was enchanted by the forests and rivers of the surface world; it was he who first raised the idea of migrating to the surface, and scouted many of the initial settlement locations. Even after the expedition of the Seven Seekers, Mejir continued to serve as a guide for most of his life, leading tribe after tribe to new homes on the surface world.

Mejir kobolds generally bear the most distinctively canine traits of all the kobold clans. They tend toward thicker and shaggier coats than their brethren, especially over the tail area, and their draconic ridges are often completely absent.

Clan Neitl

Small and frail even for a kobold, Neitl ("little") was a rather unlikely hero. Despite being weak and sickly himself, the child seemed constantly surrounded by good fortune, from miraculous escapes in battle to unusually strong and healthy offspring; soon his tribe held him to be a charm for all sorts of good luck. Ironically, this was somewhat substantiated when Neitl's sorcerous talents finally manifested - far later than normally expected, but also far more powerful. Although he was somewhat unsure of his inclusion in the Seven Seekers, Neitl's arcane gifts were an invaluable aid to the expedition.

Simultaneously the furthest and closest kobold sub-race to their draconic kin, Neitl kobolds tend to be small and delicate, their frames slim rather than bony, and their eyes surprisingly soft. Their draconic crests, however, tend to be more pronounced, and quite elegant; they carry a presence completely apart from their kin, fully aware of their closeness to the dragon within. However, they are also the most rare of the kobold sub-races - mostly due to the frail Neitl's relative lack of paternal success.

Clan Tihuirl

Tihuirl, who was given the name meaning "ally" by his companions, is the least famous member of the Seven Seekers. Unlike his peers, Tihuirl had no remarkable trait which set him apart from the average kobold - which is, perhaps, why his courage in joining the Seekers expedition made him so thoroughly beloved by his people. Even now, while all of the Seekers are hailed as champions, the commoners and everyday workers of the kobold race admire the steadfast Tihuirl above all others.

Visually, Tihuirl kobolds are the embodiment of "ordinary" for their race.

Clan Vaess

Vaess, or "arrow" in the draconic tongue, was one of the foremost developers of what would become known as "technology" in the Age of Mortals. One of the first individuals in the world to employ such devices in combat, Vaess was a true revolutionary; her experimental nature and desire to push boundaries serve as a reminder to her people, to continue moving forward and testing themselves.

Vaess' descendants tend to be entirely average-looking kobolds. Usually interacting with many technological devices during their youth, they are often a little eccentric in nature - even to other kobolds. Still, they are courageous - if slightly reckless - individuals, who rarely shirk from any challenge.

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