The North Wastes

The North Wastes of Corrindale are less of a nation and more of their own continent. A series of islands spreading off the mainland, the wastes are vast, inhospitable trail of islands, some volcanic, some otherwise. These northern lands herald the orcish tribes ousted from the mainland.

The Wastes are a barren place, with little in the way of exports or imports. What trading is done with the Tattered Ear is primarily for furs and some ores, with occasional items of academic interest. The technological revolution of the Third Age hasn't reached the North Wastes yet - in the Wastes, one can't afford to have a tool or weapon that one can't fix oneself.

The Wastes' most significant landmark is Ghaz Cleft. On Godsday, this otherwise normal, non-volcanic mountain's top was blown off - some theorise by the rage of Edih himself at being denied, others that the apocalyptic events of the day released other forces.

Ghaz Cleft is now a mountain, whose top was rent off, revealing a dark, swirling inside of almost-liquid, almost-mist that boils with some cold fire. It appears to be some kind of rift through to the Far Realm, and every day, horrors unknown crawl, slither, or ooze their way forth, to be bested by the barbarian tribes that dwell in the wastes.

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