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|classname=< place the class's name here >
|hitdice=< place the class's hit dice here in the form of "dx" >
|skillslvl=< place here the number of skill points the class gets each level. There is no need to note the multiplication at 1st level. >
|cskills=< list the class's class skills here >
|special1=< The "special" variables are where you list the class's class features at each level from 1-20. If the class gets no class features at any given level, just place "-" in the space provided. >
|extra1=< The "extra" variables are used in the "extra" version of the class table, so remove them if you aren't using that version. If you're using spells or psionics, you don't need to fill in the progression yourself - just choose one of the "include" options detailed below. However, you /can/ fill them out yourself if you want to - just copy the text from the appropriate "system:var-" page into your class page, and replace the numbers given for each variable with your own. >
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Game Rule Information



Class Features

The following are the class features of the < place the class's name here > class.

Weapon and Armour Proficiency

< Other Class Feature 1 >

< place the class's name here > Spell List

< place the class's name here >s choose their spells from the following list:

  • 1st - < List spells here >
  • 2nd - < List spells here >
  • 3rd - < List spells here >
  • 4th - < List spells here >
  • 5th - < List spells here >
  • 6th - < List spells here >
  • 7th - < List spells here >
  • 8th - < List spells here >
  • 9th - < List spells here >

Class Variants

<!— Variant 1 Name —>

  • <!— Details list >
  • <! Details list >
  • <! Details list —>

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