D&D Class Table (basic)
{$classname} Hit dice: {$hitdice}
Level Base Attack Bonus Fort Save Ref Save Will Save Special
1 {$bab1} +{$fort1} +{$ref1} +{$will1} {$special1}
2 {$bab2} +{$fort2} +{$ref2} +{$will2} {$special2}
3 {$bab3} +{$fort3} +{$ref3} +{$will3} {$special3}
4 {$bab4} +{$fort4} +{$ref4} +{$will4} {$special4}
5 {$bab5} +{$fort5} +{$ref5} +{$will5} {$special5}
6 {$bab6} +{$fort6} +{$ref6} +{$will6} {$special6}
7 {$bab7} +{$fort7} +{$ref7} +{$will7} {$special7}
8 {$bab8} +{$fort8} +{$ref8} +{$will8} {$special8}
9 {$bab9} +{$fort9} +{$ref9} +{$will9} {$special9}
10 {$bab10} +{$fort10} +{$ref10} +{$will10} {$special10}
11 {$bab11} +{$fort11} +{$ref11} +{$will11} {$special11}
12 {$bab12} +{$fort12} +{$ref12} +{$will12} {$special12}
13 {$bab13} +{$fort13} +{$ref13} +{$will13} {$special13}
14 {$bab14} +{$fort14} +{$ref14} +{$will14} {$special14}
15 {$bab15} +{$fort15} +{$ref15} +{$will15} {$special15}
16 {$bab16} +{$fort16} +{$ref16} +{$will16} {$special16}
17 {$bab17} +{$fort17} +{$ref17} +{$will17} {$special17}
18 {$bab18} +{$fort18} +{$ref18} +{$will18} {$special18}
19 {$bab19} +{$fort19} +{$ref19} +{$will19} {$special19}
20 {$bab20} +{$fort20} +{$ref20} +{$will20} {$special20}
Class Skills ({$skillslvl} + int mod per level, x4 at 1st level): {$cskills}
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