Bleach: Seven Days to the Wolves - Character Creation Memo

This is supporting material for the Bleach game Fox is intending to run once Steve's Legacy of the Shattered comes to a close. Specifically, these are special points to remember in addition to normal character creation for this game. Please note, if you need naming help, I have a good dictionary program available.


Give your character pretty much whatever Japanese-sounding name you like; the existing Bleach characters display a mixture of "real world" names (Momo, Toushirou, Kiyone) and "fantasy" names, so anything that sounds right is fine. Names are expressed surname-first in the fluff info and by NPCs, so you're probably better off giving your name in that order too.

If you're absolutely lost for names, just string together several syllables which end either in vowels (ko, te, kai, rei, etc.) or the letter n (ten, kan, etc.). It's an easy cheat to get the right sort of sound.


Your character should know their shikai, which means having a unique weapon - probably exotic - with a distinct special ability, a name, and a shikai command. It can't hurt to think about your bankai too, if you want to get one later on. There is also the question of the Zanpakutou's spirit, which is a personality of its own - you can define this personality as much or as little as you want, but if you leave it up to me you will get what you get, so I suggest you give me a bit of direction at least.


You need to choose a Division of the Gotei 13 for your character, as well as their rank (rank-and-file and seated officers are both fair game; no vice-captains or captains to start with, though aspiring to these positions is encouraged).


I need three key statements about the most important aspects of your character (wants to become a Captain for family honour, was a child prodigy, vowed to his dead lover to uphold the law, is madly in love with Matsumoto… etc.). They can relate to the character's background, ambitions, identity… whatever you want, as long as it's of great importance to the character.

Plot Hooks

Just give me as much background as possible for your character. There are background plots, sure, but this game is supposed to be about the PCs. Please don't mention anything that you don't want me to involve in the game; there's no guarantee that all plot hooks will show up, but anything you tell me about here is potential material for subplots. I want to know all about your backstory, of course, but keep that seperate from distinct plot hooks if you don't want it to come up.

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