Rel Astra

Rel Astra is regarded by many as a blasted hunk of land, not worth anything more than what mineral worth that can be mined from its grudging grasp. However, despite its failings, Rel Astra is still settled, and holds its own deep secrets.

Rel Astra has poor soil and a dangerously tempestuous weather system. Frequently, heavy storms batter the coast, but the land within from the coast is too mountainous and rocky for a structure to have any real permanency. Yet, the mountainsides of Rel Astra have been known to yield amazing secrets from their mines.

Human Settlements

The human settlement in Rel Astra is fairly minimal. Several commercial ventures have attempted to plant townships along the coastline, in the more sheltered parts of the continent, yet none have lasted more than fifty years or more. In the mind of the long-term investors, particularly those half-elf heads of business, this is a commercial failure, and these towns have been left to slowly die as their citizens moved away.

The remaining human settlements are those that are managing subsistence mining out of the mountainside. Often, dwarven clans invest in these experiments. There's money to be made in Rel Astra, and it's going to take more than some adversity to keep it out of human hands.

The Draconic Holdings

Amongst the human holdings on Rel Astra, there are a number of mining villages that haven't vanished over the years. Manned primarily by dwarves, there seems a particular stubbornness amongst these people. They mine in long, tireless shifts, and coax from Rel Astra's harsh rock a kind of treasure unseen elsewhere. These are the Draconic Holdings, and the towns are filled with people who trace their bloodline back, in some way, to a dragon of some power and esteem - a Dragon that has called upon their services as an employer, or in some cases, coerced them into service.

Not every town in Rel Astra that has persisted is a Draconic Holding. However, as the businesses of Bidestra become more interested in Rel Astran territory, these holdings run more and more risk of discovery; for what secrets do they plumb the earth? What treasure would captivate dragons of all colours and types, and what would call them to make such elaborate schemes?

The Seven Cities

At the beginning of the Second Age, the Great Dragon Aggravax fled the nations of men, ousted from his position of rule, and fled to the blasted land of Rel Astra. Myth has that the Blasted Son died, alone and lonely on his blasted rock, finally able to call himself King. However, this isn't the case; when Aggravax claimed Rel Astra's heart, he took with him a contingent of human worshippers from the land of Amenti, who still hailed him as a god.

Aggravax separated these humans into seven separate castes, each dedicated to one of The Tenents of Aggravax, which he used as law to enforce over the people. Then, Aggravax left for a time, travelling to the northern lands to find himself six worthy heirs.

He found his heirs in dragons that didn't necessarily hold to the typical ideals of dragons of their type. Returning home with his six heirs, he then gave each one a city to rule. Then, sometime in the Second Age, Aggravax and his Heirs left, flying to some unnamed destination. They left behind the Seven Cities, a society founded on a draconic heritage, with a strong honour code woven into every aspect of the city; each clan emphasising a different aspect of Aggravax's vision for a perfect society. Hidden away in the mountainous lands of Rel Astra, The Seven Cities have been known to send out individual adventurers, who are secretive and deceptive about their actual origins; revealing the location of the Cities is a dangerous affair, and not something those of the City will do easily.

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