Rekindle The Sun

Standing above the white-sand deserts of the Residuum Spacescape, Hashar has stood for generations while about it on all sides, the provinces of the Isaland government seeks to curry its favour.

Hashar represents permanence in Isaland's history. Being a pluralistic centre of religious diversity, home of a dozen churches, a powerful magical college, and furiously apolitical entity, Hashar owns its privacy thanks to its defensive strength. Fortified on all sides by walls and cliffs, in some places walls literally a hundred feet tall, protected from within by mages and priests, and the elemental pact that keeps the great giants of the city's elemental cathedrals aligned, Hashar is the military target that has been said for generation upon generation to be unassailable. Don't try and conquer Hashar – just operate around it. Hashar will not interfere with your war, if you do not interfere with Hashar.

And thus, around it, the borders have shifted, wriggled and squirmed. The mines out in the Residuum Spacescape have been owned by every major Isaland noble house, at some point in time. By Hashar has sailed ships waving a variety of pennants, across the years. But every day, the sun rises on Hashar…

But not today.

The most recent Isalandish civil war was straying close to the border lands around Hashar… but in Hashar, the sun has not risen for three days now. And a supernatural army, composed of beast and blood, of bone and bane, has risen, and has begun to assault the unassailable. Hashar has, for the first time in its history, put out the call – throwing money to mercenaries, calling up its own military, and seeking aid from any quarter who will offer…

… while the elemental titans remain strangely quiet…

Welcome to Hashar. Welcome to midnight over white sand. Welcome to the war.

Character Construction

Characters are all to be designed as starting at level 12. The individuals that compose the group are people who are renowned, significant, individuals who have distinguished themselves from the normal people who fit their roles. You are not 'a fighter' who keeps his head down and doesn't make himself known; you're significant enough that you have a reputation, that you're well known, that you're important to the people around you.

The group is a mercenary squad. One player is going to be the captain of the group – at the moment, Fox has a concept that fits that well, but players can discuss amongst themselves ways to make the group fit together the best way. The group is going to be five people strong, and players have the option to use the Hybrid rules presented in Player's Handbook 3.

For making a level 12 character, the rules are available in the DMG, on page 143. To provide a brief summary, a level 12 character should have:

  • 4 Encounter powers (One from your Paragon path, one each at levels 7, 3, 1)
  • 3 Daily powers (levels 9, 5, 1)
  • 4 Utility powers (One from your Paragon path, one each at levels 10, 6, 2)
  • 2 At-Will powers
  • Ability scores as a starting character, +1 to all stats at level 10, +1 to two stats at level 4 and level 8.
  • One level 13 magic item, one level 12 magic item, and one level 11 magic item. In addition, you have 9,000 gp, which can be spent on consumables, rituals, potions, other magic items, whores, ale, cake1, whatever you like.

This is a new world, a new world with new elements. If you want to create in blank space, do it. But expect to not have exclusive control over what you offer me as information.

Table Rules

Any die rolled that fall of the table have to be rerolled on the table. I don’t care if it was a natural 20 when it landed on the floor. Remember that, next time, it may well be a natural 1 when it hits carpet, and do you really want to hang onto that?

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