Races of Escarnum

This chapter lists the races normally available for player characters in Escarnum. Many new races are presented here; while they are native to Escarnum, they can also fit easily into other settings.

The races you are likely to encounter in Alm are a little different to those presented in the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook and other official settings. Here, bestial "monster" races dominated the land of Alm before the time of humans, meaning many of the major races are descended from more savage stock than their human-like counterparts. Where other settings have dwarven craftsmen or gnomish inventors, Escarnum has the crafty kobold clans; in place of halflings or tieflings, one finds the cheerful and mercantile abilen. Instead of using half-orcs or dragonborn to provide physical might, Escarnum relies on the hardy jotun, horse-like equitarn and monstrous gnolls.

Other races are still present, but rather different in flavour or abilities. The kobolds in official D&D products are cave-dwelling lizardfolk who are crafty and cowardly, while those in Escarnum are draconic canines with a penchant for engineering and technology. Almish eladrin – soratami – are insular, refined aristocrats with an oriental flavour, not wilderness-dwelling fey descendants. This change may be jarring at first, but remember – there are vast areas of Escarnum which are yet to be explored. Traditional kobolds or elves may be just around the corner, so to speak.

In other worlds, just because a race doesn't have a pre-defined place in the setting, doesn't mean there is no room for them. Sticking to the races here will help to present Escarnum's unique flavour, but adding your group's favourite races from other 4th-edition D&D products is a great way to customise that flavour to your own tastes. For more about this, see the Other races section.

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