Trolls (Escarnum)

Trolls are one of the few races native to the continent of Alm which are not bestial in nature. Instead, these creatures are descended of the fey, their origins rooted deeply in the most hostile of nature's reaches. Although she draws strength and stability from the land, a troll is far from a whimsical sprites; her savagery and strength can rival that of any beast, and make her a terrible foe indeed for the average human. Nonetheless, they have found little acceptance from the beast races, and thus - as they did before humans ever reached Alm - they remain a reclusive people, their small populations tightly-knit and focused on survival.

Found in every sort of wilderness - from the forests of Deepwood to the barren Outlands, the mountains of Okarthel to the swamps of Kaath - the tenacious trolls occupy a strange sort of niche. They live at one with nature, but not in the way that elves or humans might claim - rather, they are hard-bitten survivalists, free from the opulent tastes which so afflict civilised folk. Refusing to relinquish their place even through eras of destruction and war, the trolls have endured, in their own quiet but proud fashion.


Trolls tend to be insular and surly, deeply emotional, and exceedingly proud. Seeing no reason to reserve or restrain their emotions, trolls willingly run the gamut from joy to rage, embracing each emotion as having its own particular power.

Having shorter lifespans than most civilised races - and living most of their lives alongside constant danger - trolls are thorough, but not slow. They favour decisive action to patience and methodology, and so appear reckless and haphazard to other races. However, their craftsmen produce masterful armour and weaponry, and their warbands move with seasoned skill - enthusiasm and abandon are not necessarily the same as folly.

Physical Description

Trolls stand head-and-shoulders over most civilised races at a lofty 6 to 7 feet tall, and are markedly heavier at around 220 to 320 pounds. Surprisingly, however, they do not appear "monstrous" in the traditional sense; rather, they have an almost noble bearing, their shoulders broad and strong, their bodies shapely and tightly-muscled. Men and women alike are recognised by a broad forehead, long pointed ears and a strong jaw; they also have pointed teeth and small horns. Their eyes are usually bright red or violet eyes.

Trolls inherit their hair and skin tones from their environment. Green skinned-trolls, observed most commonly by humans, are born in areas of forest or swampland; brown show up in the deserts and mountains, particularly the Outlands, while blue and grey usually hail from the snowfields, or deep caves. Trolls cultivate a savage but practical appearance; they often grow their hair long, but usually wear it in tight braids or bands, keeping it out of their way in combat. They also favour scars, regarding them as tokens of pride and a remembrance of their history, and extensive tribal tattoos or wode.

Trolls tend toward androgyny, in a way that oddly mirrors the elves; while it can be said that even male elves have a somewhat feminine grace and beauty, trolls appear distinctly masculine, regardless of gender. Thus, a male troll generally looks the same as a female troll, unless the woman is unusually well-endowed.

Trolls mature a little faster than humans and age noticeably faster. Few trolls live longer than 75 years.


Most trolls live in lands where if something isn't trying to eat you, it's probably because you're too big. Thus, while there aren't any races they have particular favour or hatred for, they are quite resoundingly antisocial. When it comes to companionship, they have little patience for discussions of philosophy, preferring to leave each to their own and making judgements based on actions, not words.

Other races look upon the Trolls with mixed opinions. Elves of all types, as well as most gnolls, consider them lower beings and look upon them with scorn. Humans, abilen and felbraug generally avoid them, knowing the dangers if a fight should ensue. On the other hand, they have a sort of mutual respect with shifters and equitern, all three being races inclined toward savage and survivalist mindsets.


Trolls are usually chaotic. They're rarely evil, but also rarely good - in the wilds where they're born, there isn't much room for altruism, and if you're a nuisance to others you'll get killed soon enough. However, they do run the full spectrum of alignments, and have what they call a "heart of fire" - a troll is often very easily set to a way of thinking, but once convinced of it, sticks to it unerringly.


Troll populations are dotted across the land of Alm, tending to collect in small pockets wherever there is an area of wilderness. Heavy forests such as Deepwood collect larger and more dense groups, but they also populate caves (particularly around Okarthel and the Outlands), swamps (Kaath), and tundras (Snowhead). There are even tales of river and sea trolls, though these are rarely seen by outsiders.


Trolls natively speak the Sylvan, the tongue of the fey. Some also learn Common or Bestial, especially those whose communities trade or compete with shifter or equitarn tribes.


Trollish names are simple and short - and can be yelled easily (to make it easier on whoever avenges their death). Their names are almost all unisex.

Example names

Ald, Ark, Baldur, Drea, Ein, Ix, Keld, Lai, Rine, Skald, Slew, Styrrm, Thrall, Tarn, Urd.


Frequently shunned from polite company, trolls often find acceptance and friendship among adventurers, especially those who are wanderers or outsiders themselves. Other may be at home amongst humans, but still find themselves drawn toward violent careers, in which they can put their racial strength to good use.

Game Rule Information

Troll Racial Traits

  • +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence. Trolls are resoundingly tough and powerful, but particularly slow-witted and abrasive.
  • Medium-size: As Medium creatures, deep elves have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Troll base speed is 30 feet.
  • Fey: Trolls have the "fey" creature type. For all effects related to race, a troll is considered a fey. This does not give her any special abilities not noted here.
  • Saving Throws: Trolls gain a +4 bonus to saving throws against diseases and poisons. They are well-accustomed to dealing with the world's natural hardships.
  • Darkvision: Trolls can see in the dark up to 30 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but it is otherwise like normal sight, and trolls can function just fine with no light at all. If the game allows it, a troll may take Light Sensitivity as a flaw.
  • Strong Stomach: A troll suffers no penalty for eating spoiled or rotten food - she can subsist on almost anything . A troll can eat and gain sustenance from any non-magical substance which can be chewed normally (hardness of 0) or is in pieces at least three size categories smaller than her. This does not allow her to eat a living creature.
  • Home Ground: A troll chooses one specific natural environment, from the options shown on table: Troll Native Environments, which represents the type of area in which she was born. Due to her intimate connection to that type of wilderness, she gains a +4 racial bonus on Perception and Wild Lore checks when in her native environment. In addition, whenever she moves through her native environment, she is treated as if under the effect of the spell pass without trace. A troll does //not //receive the benefits of being in her native environment while she is within a civilised area (any permanent settlement larger than a hovel), even if that settlement is within an appropriate area.
Table: Native Environments
Environment Meaning Examples
Aquatic rivers, seas and ocean (on or under water) Lake of Glass, all waterways, all oceans
Desert badlands, sandy desert The Outlands, Ashar
Forest cold/temperate forested areas Deepwood, Sorairo, Taido
Jungle hot/humid forested areas Kaath
Marsh bog, moor, swamp Kaath
Mountain rugged terrain, elevated areas Okarthel, The Outlands
Plains farmland, grassland, steppe, prairie The Grasslands, Beasthome
Tundra non-forested snowy areas Snowhead
Underground dungeons, caverns The Underworld, Okarthel, Independence, Aethys
  • Languages: Sylvan, plus one of Common or Bestial.
  • Favored Class: Barbarian. Trolls are natively prone to fits of rage, swift action and embracing the wilds.

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