Skies of Escarnum

Skies of Escarnum is Fox's D&D setting. It draws heavily from Talen's Cobrin'Seil, as well as the official Eberron, and from various video games mostly including console RPGs.

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Map: The continent of Alm
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There are a number of differences, both flavoursome and mechanical, between major races in Escarnum and standard D&D. Please see the separate Character Races article for details.

Major Races


Other Races

Removed Races

These races are not banned from the setting per se, but are not considered to be PC races as they are in the Player's Handbook or d20 SRD. They can still be added to the setting, but by default there is no place for them in Escarnum. For more information, check the Other Races article.


New Classes

New Class Variants

House-Ruled Classes

Removed Classes

  • Artificer (ECS) - Too broken
  • Cleric (PHB) - Too ubiquitous/versatile
  • Druid (PHB) - Too ubiquitous/versatile
  • Soulknife (XPH) - Too weak, obsolete
  • Wizard (PHB) - Too ubiquitous/versatile


Standard Rules Variants

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