Humans (Escarnum)

This is a variant of the human race originally published in the Player's Handbook.

The humans of Escarnum originally lived on the nearby continent of Parosea, and were long ago enslaved by a supernaturally-powered race calling themselves the Overseers. Unable to learn magic and without naturally gifted individuals such as sorcerors, humans languished under this rule for many centuries, until finally – by some mysterious cause still unknown – the Awakened began to appear amongst their number, bringing with them the power of psionics.

With this aid, the humans finally managed to overthrow and their masters, and – under the guidance of the Awakened, heeding some call only they could hear – struck out toward the new continent of Alm. Here they found the land populated by what they called "the beast-kin" - races of bestial humanoids such as gnolls and kobolds, and magical beasts such as griffins and wyverns. Through a combination of desperation and tenacity, humans fought to win themselves a place in Alm, forming settlements with eventually grew into the nations of Aurion, Brandeis, Tenebrae and Callan'Shae.


Whilst there are minor racial variants between the human kingdoms of Alm, none are pronounced enough to warrant their own subraces. There are, however, the psionically-adept Awakened who led the humans out of their enslavement on Parosea, who form a subrace in their own right.

Human Racial Traits

Humans of Escarnum have the same racial traits as the human in the Player's Handbook.

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