(Obsolete) Halfling (Cobrin'Seil)

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A people given to enterprise and exploration, the halflings of Cobrin'Seil are almost as varied as humans. However, while Halflings are common across the cities and towns of Bidestra, halflings also own their own nation – the sea.

Some time in the past, the Halflings of Bidestra turned their druidic inclination towards the oceans, and crafted mighty, village-sized seafaring vessels, known as Halfling Hulks. A Hulk is best compared in its scope and size to a small village (albeit, a well-ordered and waste-free village that doesn't have to worry about agriculture and waste disposal). These mighty ships ply the waves, with clans of halflings manning them.

Each Hulk has come to represent an entire halfling family, with their own philosophy and trade habits. Some explore, and sell information. Others trade between races, making a profit without actually producing anything. And others sell their services as craft of war.

Game Information

Halfling Racial Traits

Halflings are mechanically identical to the Dwarf race presented in the Player's Handbook.

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