(Obsolete) Wild Feats

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All Wild Feats have as a prerequisite the wild shape ability. Thus, they are open to druids of 5th level or higher, as well as any character who has gained the wild shape ability from a prestige class or other source.

Each use of a wild feat generally costs you one daily use of your wild shape ability. If you don't have any uses of wild shape left, you can't use a wild feat. Unless otherwise noted, changing form with wild shape or activating a wild feat is a standard action. You may only use the wild shape ability to change form or activate one wild feat per round, though overlapping durations may allow you the benefits of more than one wild feat at a time.

Activating a wild feat is a supernatural ability and does not provoke an attack of opportunity unless otherwise specified in the feat description. Activating a wild feat is not considered an attack unless the feat's activation could be the direct cause of damage to a target.

Bane of the Unnaural

You're a more militant disciple of the purity of nature. Some creatures, you've found, recoil from the way you can wield nature's power.
Prerequisites: Wild Shape.
Benefit: You can expend a Wild Shape attempt to imbue your attacks with supernatural force. For a number of rounds equal to your Wisdom modifier, you gain a bonus to attack and damage rolls equal to half your level on attacks made against Aberrations, Outsiders, or Undead.

Path of the Flames

Fire is nature's agent of transition. Many forests live in a symbiotic cycle with fire; as fire feeds on the forest, so the fire feeds the forest, as ash aids the soil.
Prerequisites: Wild Shape.
Benefit: You can expend a Wild Shape attempt to grant yourself and your allies within 30' of you when you use this feat fire resistance 5 x your Druid Level for one minute.

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