(Obsolete) Tactical Feats

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Feats with the tactical descriptor allow a character to make a number of thematically and strategically linked maneuvers that help coalesce the character's abilities. Tactical feats often take multiple rounds or specific circumstances to function.

Animal Instincts

[Fighter, Tactical]
You're an accomplished wildshaper, to the point where your native form is in fact, less impressive than your many wild shaped forms.
Prerequisite: Ability to wild shape, Base Attack Bonus +8
Benefit: This feat allows the use of the following tactical maneuovers, but only one per use of Wild Shape:

Primal Savagery: Whenever you wild Shape, you may choose that for a number of rounds equal to your normal Constitution modifer, your natural weapons are treated as if they were one size category bigger. This cannot increase your natural weapon damage more than one step - if you have a feat or class feature that increases your natural weapon damage from some other source, then you gain nothing from this tactical maneuover.

Augmented Criticals: Whenever you wild Shape, you may choose that for a number of rounds equal to your normal Constitution modifier, your natural weapons deal an extra 1d6 damage on a critical hit.

Natural Fury: Whenever you wild Shape, you may choose to gain the Fearful presence special ability for a number of rounds equal to your Charisma modifier.

Combat Presence

[Fighter, Tactical]
You're a terror on the battlefield, able to influence your opponents. Swagger and braggadacio, or monolithic imposition, you force oponents to react to you, rather than follow their lead.
Prerequisite: Intimidate 9 ranks, Base Attack Bonus +4
Benefit: This feat allows the use of the following tactical maneuovers:

Flourish: When you drop an opponent in combat, you can immediately make an Intimidate check to Demoralize an Opponent within 15 feet, as a free action.

Provoke: You can grab an opponent's attention. As a move action, you make an Intimidate check against a single opponent within 30 feet, opposed by your opponent's Will saving throw. If your opponent fails their saving throw, that opponent has to move to attack you, instead of your allies.

This enemy does not act in such a way as to detriment their own health or wellbeing - they don't enter traps they can notice, they don't throw themselves through magical effects or barriers that can hurt them. They will, however, close as quickly as they can, even double moving (though not without using options to avoid attacks of opportunity), and engage you with their preferred method of combat. This does mean that an opponent who specialises in ranged attacks will often simply move to the limits of their range, then use the ranged combat options they prefer against you.

This effect lasts for three turns. If you use this maneuver on an opponent you already have provoked, the duration increases by three turns. An opponent who makes his saving throw against your Provoke effect, can't be affected by it for the rest of that combat. You can't Provoke an opponent who you have also targeted with the Demoralize ability from Flourish.

Force Focus: You can use an attack to force an opponent who you are in melee combat with to focus on you. As part of a full attack action, you give up one of your attacks, and instead make a melee attack roll against that opponent using the surrendered attack's base attack bonus, plus your strength modifier. If your attack hits, your opponent is unable to make attacks against an opponent other than you until your next turn. The opponent can still make attacks of opportunity.

In this context, an opponent can still cast spells, use powers, invocations, or other special abilities, or use magic items, provided these attacks are directed at you. Your opponent is not required to deal lethal damage, and may opt to deal nonlethal or just to try and incapacitate you. This feat's effects end once you are unconscious, helpless, or when you break from melee.

Clinch Holder

[Fighter, Tactical]
It's one thing to grapple, an entirely different other thing to truly clinch. You're a talented wrestler and experience has taught you how to best exploit close quarters.
Prerequisite: Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike, Base Attack Bonus +10
Benefit: This feat allows the use of the following tactical maneuovers:

Coathanger: To use this tactical maneuver, you must ready an action to Coathanger an opponent who charges you. If you do, when the charging opponent enters your threatened area, you immediately get an unarmed attack against that opponent. If you succeed, that opponent has to make a Reflex saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your level + your Strength modifier). If they fail, they are knocked prone and take an additional 1d6 damage.

Clinch: Using a clinch is a fullround action that can only be performed once you have successfully pinned an opponent. To make a clinch, you must make a grapple attempt against your opponent; If you succeed, you then deal them your normal unarmed damage as if you had scored a critical hit.

Piledriver: Using a Piledriver can only be used when you and your opponent are grappling, and only in a round where you have already won a grapple attempt. You must make a grapple check to pick your opponent up. If you succeed, you haul your opponent bodily off the ground, and immediately drop them down again. This attack deals damage as your unarmed attack, plus 2d6 bonus damage for the impact with the ground. If you want, after completing a Piledriver, you may leave your opponent prone and remove yourself from the grapple.

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