(Obsolete) Metamagic Feats

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Metamagic feats are feats that let you modify the way your spells function when cast, usually applied to the spells when prepared (for casters who prepare spells) or when cast (for everyone else). Metamagic feats, and the rules governing such, are explained further on Page 88 of the Player's Handbook.

Augment Spell

By focusing your magic through performance, you can intensify its effects, surpassing your former limits.
Prerequisites: Caster level 4, Perform 5 ranks.
Benefit: You may add a somatic or verbal component to a spell that does not otherwise have one. In doing so, your caster level for that spell is increased by two. This does not increase the spell level of the spell in question.

Lucky Spell

Some may rely on random chance, but you prefer to make a bit of your own luck.
Benefit: Only a spell that causes a variable, numeric effect, determined by a dice roll can be a Lucky Spell. When you roll dice to determine the Lucky Spell's effect, you can choose to reroll a single dice. A lucky spell takes a spell slot of the same level as the original spell.

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