(Obsolete) Item Creation Feats

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Craft Superlative Arms and Armour

[Item Creation, Background]
You are one of the craftsmen to whom magical artifice is, in fact, a weakness - you create the finest and most perfect weapons available to you, and it is your skill, not magic, that determines how well these items are wielded.
Prerequisites: Craft (Armoursmithing) or Craft (Weaponsmithing) 4 ranks.
Benefit: You can craft Superlative Arms and Armour - nonmagical weapons and armour that nonetheless have special properties and enhancement bonuses.

Sleep is for the Weak

[Item Creation]
When you're constructing something, you focus on it in the extreme. You can acccomplish things faster than normal - provided you're willing to let your personal life wither away like an unwatered plant.
Prerequisites: Int 13+, at least one other item creation feat.
Benefit: You can spend twice as much time working on an item per day. Therefore, you may cut the creation time of an item in half. This is extremely bad for your health, however, and you take 1d6 nonlethal damage for each day that you do this (which isn't recovered, since you're not resting as well as you should be). When you take enough nonlethal damage to knock you out, your work stops wholesale, and you have to wait until you recover to start again.
Special: If you have the Endurance feat, you do not take any nonlethal damage.

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