(Obsolete) Divine Feats

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All Divine feats represent a connection to divine energies beyond the person. First, all Divine feats require the ability to turn or rebuke undead. Second, using a Divine feat requires expending one or more Turn/Rebuke attempt from the character's available Turn/Rebuke attempts each day. If you don't have any turn/rebuke attempts left, you can't use a divine feat. Turning or Rebuking undead is a standard action (unless you have a special ability that says otherwise). These feats often take a standard action to activate, but may require other types of actions as specified. Regardless, you may activate only one divine feat (or use the ability to turn or rebuke undead once) per round, though overlapping durations may allow you the benefits of more than one divine feat at a time.

Third, activating a divine feat is a supernatural ability that does not provoke an attack of opportunity unless otherwise specified in the feat description. Activating a divine feat is not considered an attack unless the feat's activation could be the direct cause of damage to a target.

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