The key to humanity's freedom after their long enslavement, the awakened suddenly appeared in various human bloodlines in the last century or so, bringing with them the gift of psionic power. It was these individuals who heard the mysterious "voices" beckoning them to the lands of Alm, and led their people across the seas. Although other humans later came to find the power of the soul within themselves - allowing them to become psions, psychic warriors, and the like - the inherent psionic nature of the awakened still sets them apart.

The true nature of the awakened is a subject of controversy, tied to nature of psionics itself; some consider the awakened to be the logical progression of human evolution, and that someday all humans will share their gifts. Others wonder if the awakened have been made so by outside interference - if an already psionically-endowed race, such as the felbraug perhaps, brought their powers to humanity. Others still suspect that awakened are merely the results of one of the Overseers' experiments, a risk which happened to bring about their downfall. Some even hold them as divine beings, sent to act as shepherds to guide humanity's path.

In any case, the birth of an awakened human is a much rarer event now than it was when they first appeared - to most people, they have become more like a fable than a reality. Some say that they are gradually dying out entirely, though the truth of the matter is as mysterious as their origins.


Though they vary almost as much as ordinary humans, most awakened have in common a somewhat introspective nature. Most are acutely aware of being "different" - some realise this even as young children - and grow to be quiet and thoughtful individuals. Although they possess a kind of unnatural magnetism which is difficult for others to explain, most seek to exercise it only when necessary; many are not as socially adept as their appeal might suggest.

Having a great sense of the emotions around them, and the ability to see vaguely into the future, awakened are individuals who are rarely at peace; many are dubious that their abilities are truly "gifts". Because of this, a good number of awakened seek solitude even when they are well-liked, preferring the "quiet" of keeping their own company.

Physical Description

Awakened come from many human bloodlines, and do not have any genetic traits of their own. A careful observer may notice some qualities which set them apart from ordinary humans, however.

Awakened are prone to physical beauty, though not necessarily in a conventional sense - those who are not "attractive" tend to be at least interesting, and appealing in ways which observers cannot quite explain. Most are also "marked" in some fashion, though nobody is quite sure how or why this happens; unusual colouration and distinct markings are most common, though many other quirks are also possible.


For better or worse, the gifts of the awakened make them clearly different from others. This is not necessarily a bad thing - most are held by their home communities as a sign of good fortune, or at least as special being who must be treated well - but at the same time, many never feel truly at home even in the place of their birth. For many, the life of an adventurer is simply the natural choice.

Other awakened still feel the call that caused their ancestors to lead humanity out of Parosea. These individuals are driven and determined adventurers, striving to discover new ways to help their kin.

Game Rule Information

Awakened Racial Traits

Awakened have the following racial traits. These replace the racial traits of the human.

  • +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution. Awakened are creatures with an unnaturally powerful presence and tremendous personal magnetism, but are also beset with a certain fragility. To many they seem like delicate works of art - beautiful, but all too easy to break.
  • Medium-size: As Medium creatures, awakened have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Awakened base speed is 30 feet.
  • Psychic Talent: Awakened gain 1 extra power point per character level, regardless of whether or not they choose a psionic class. This benefit does not grant them the ability to manifest powers unless they gain that ability through another source, such as levels in a psionic class.
  • Psychic Empathy (Psi): Awakened can use the power sensitivity to psychic impressions at will, as a wilder of their level. Even when the awakened is not actively using this ability, he still has a "sixth sense" of psychic impressions in an area around him equal to the size that the power would normally allow. The information provided by this passive part of the ability is as vague as the qualities his other senses might provide - just an area might feel slightly warm or cold, so too might it give a disembodied feeling of sorrow, anger, or the like - but is otherwise based on the same factors as the power.
  • Foresight (Psi): Awakened can gain a brief insight into the future once per day, as the spell augury.
  • Languages: Common.
  • Favoured Class: Wilder. Awakened lack the native understanding of psionics possessed by races like the felbraug, but are strongly inclined to a more simple and direct method of manifesting.

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