A huge stretch of wilderness bridging between western Alm from Ashar to Tabris. It contains no permanent cities, but is home to many nomadic beastkin tribes, especially centaurs and equitarn. The tribes regularly contest and confirm the boundaries of their territory, and are broadly divided into five clan groups:

  • The Highland tribes: Inhabiting the steppes west of Ikana
  • The Lowland tribes: Occupying central Almish savannah
  • The Mountain tribes: Inhabiting the mountains east of Okarthel
  • The Desert tribes: Ranging between Ashar and the Lowland territories
  • The Wetland tribes: Occupying the southern coastline and bordering on Tenebrae.

The Grasslands typically ignores warfare between human lands, though they are swift and violent in defence of their own territory. Their lack of centralised leadership, however, means that they rarely share a single opinion or goal.

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