Fox's UCS Card Style

In order to get sexy power cards like Fox's, there are a few hoops to jump through. The cards use a program called Magic Set Editor, which breaks things into three parts: the program itself, the "game" file that defines what sort of cards you're making, and the visual style that determines how they look/print. Follow these links to get the various pieces:

  • Magic Set Editor - The program itself. It comes with a lot of templates for CCGs like Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc., but you don't need to install any of those to use the power card template. Still, very fun if you care for making your own CCG cards.
  • Universal Card Set - The game file for D&D power cards (Universal Card Set/UCS). You need this to use Fox's visual style I created, but this page also has a bunch more visual styles with varying degrees of pretty/ugly/practical if you'd like. Styles should be unzipped to their own folder in your Magic Set Editor /data directory (further instructions on the wiki.
  • Stylish Hi-Res visual style - The visual style Fox uses. There are a couple of caveats:
    • In the name of it looking way better than it would otherwise, Fox's template does not try to translate the attack/defence line from other UCS sets. This will be no problem if you're filling in your own text, but if you're using cards from an existing database (gracious, there are none of those around - that would be a copyright violation!) you will need to re-add the "Str vs. AC" or whatever on your own. She is trying to get this fixed.
    • Because these are high-res 600dpi graphics, the cards will look huge at first. You can change the size they are displayed at under Edit > Preferences > Display.
    • This style uses fonts Calibri (comes with Win7) and Flareserif 821 BT. If you don't like these, you can replace them by running a search-and-replace for their names in the "style" file within the "4E-UCS-Fox-printable.mse-style" folder.
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