The Lands of Cobrin'Seil

Cobrin'Seil is a world of diversity and mystery. Magic, psionics, and science have evolved alongside one another, breakthroughs in one field spurring action in the others. Shaped in the past by amazing, powerful forces, even with the modern era of exploration and discovery, there remains much that is untouched and unexplored - whispers of ancient mysteries.

Cobrin'Seil, geographically, is a planet primarily covered in water, with three large continents spread across its face, with a smaller fourth continent linking two together. This continent, and its neighbours, are known as the Three Lands, and it is in these lands that the seats of the civilisation sit.

The first of the Three Lands, often known as the Domain of Men, is Bidestra. Bidestra is owned, in part, by three major kingdoms, each separate in their own right. Kyngdom is the heart of the continent, owning the nation of men, and it neighbours the nations of Corrindale and Kryphaneos. Kyngdom is a nation of political and military strength, whose vast domains whose borders are frequently harassed by either monstrous incursion, or, more frustratingly, human banditry.

The second of the Three Lands, and the other great continent, is Arnea, the Land of Beasts. Populated more sparsely by the Common Races of Cobrin'Seil, instead, Arnea is the domain of the many noble, ancient races of Cobrin'Seil's past - the Lionaurs of Savahlyne, the desert-riding lizardfolk, and the nomadic halfling tribes - also, home to the desert city of Horandi.

The third of the Three Lands is the smaller continent of Rel Astra. Its common name is the Domain of Dragons. Rel Astra is a harsh place, whose lands have been hotly contested by many forces, and the few settlements that exist in its plains, deserts, forests, or mountains are isolated and harsh, owned by determined settlers. Little is it known that Rel Astra holds a civilization whose very presence is a well-guarded secret to the other lands.

The fourth Continent, known only in halfling parlance as Shar Turoc, is a mythical place that lacks physical contact with the other three continents. Recent explorers towards the ending of the Second Age proved the existance of these lands to the world, and it is only now that Shar Toruc is being explored, with a handful of settlements beginning to be created on this otherwise new, savage realm.

In this chapter, we grant a closer look at the nations and regions within Cobrin'Seil's greater nations, and a brief overview of the less-explored areas of mystery, gleaned from the many papers and notes on the subject, provided graciously by the University of Horandi.

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