Spells (Cobrin'Seil)

Removed Spells

The following spells are not available to be cast in Cobrin‘Seil. It’s not that there are no spellcasters with these spells on their list, it's that, barring GM intervention, these spells simply do not exist:

  • Divine Power
  • Righteous Might
  • Transformation
  • Miracle
  • Wish
  • Limited Wish
  • Time Stop

Spell Trading

Clerics, druids and other divine spellcasters have full knowledge of their spell list. This can lead to a degree of 'spell list bloat', where a character has a spell list that numbers dozens and dozens of spells at each level, slowing down the play of the character and requiring a large reference document as more expanded sources are added to the game.

In order to curtail this, and to reduce the power-level creep that can transpire when a character has access to a very large number of spells attempting to distinguish themselves, primary divine casters in Cobrin‘Seil who wish to have a particular spell from another list on their list must choose a single spell of the same level or higher on their basic spell list (as presented in the Player’s Handbook) and exchange it for the new spell. Note that this has to be a spell you have the potential ability to cast: a Lawful Good cleric does not really have the spell rrotection from good on his list, despite it being written in the Player's Handbook.

Paladins, rangers and adherents are in a different situation; their spell lists are very small, often to the point of being pointless. In these cases, GMs are encouraged to allow spells from expanded sources for these classes regardless of the basic spell list size. A similar problem will evince itself - the best spells will be the only ones cast and prepared, and the character will ignore a large part of their list - but it serves to make the spellcasting of those classes more meaningful.

Why Can't I?

Spell trading and the lost spells in Cobrin‘Seil a shameless decrease in power. There’s a wealth of discussions about the power-level of the druid, cleric, and wizard classes, and some of that discussion hits the sorceror as well. Simply put, these classes were leading the pack for power, and as part of the design goal to make all the classes desireable in a party, some of the more powerful effects in the spellcaster repertoire had to be cut out.

The good news is, as far as the individual characters are concerned, these spells never existed, so it's not like the characters are losing anything. The removal of those spells is a wholesale power change, and has no pull towards flavour or otherwise. With this in mind, the classes affected still have a huge number of options available, and the removal of these core power spells will do a lot to encourage a more diverse spell selection.

New Spells

There are also a number of new spells for casters in Cobrin'Seil, detailed here

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