Races of Cobrin'Seil

Cobrin'Seil's people are diverse, spread across many different nations and species. Almost all the races in the Player's Handbook appear in Cobrin'Seil, in some form or another, and it also has its own people, born of wild lands and strange times that are compatible with any D&D campaign.

This chapter explores both the new races of Cobrin'Seil, and the differences between the races as detailed in the Player's Handbook, both mechanically (such as the half-orc) and flavour-wise (such as the dwarf).

Wherever you go, there is only one true constant: People are people. When one has a plethora of gods and other influences, however, the definition of 'people' can become stretched. In Kyngdom, humans make deals with halflings who travel to Corrindale to sell to the wu-kan and kobolds. Dwarven bankers comission elven craftsmen who hire equitarn labourers who are tended to by abilen cooks. Some races - the Major Races - are remarkably common, shown in the citizenry across almost all nations. The other races, known as the Minor Races, are far less widespread, usually as a factor of a locational dependence or a particularly insular culture.

Major Races

When one mentions the Major Races of Cobrin`Seil, one must realise these races account for the population in almost every major population centre. These races tend to be fairly culturally flexible and adept - keeping their own identities across the world, but nonetheless being more willing to open and accept others. Also, most of the old feuds and hatreds between these races have died down, with only some harbouring resentment amongst minor factions in any group. The Major Races of Cobrin`Seil treated in this section are:

  • Abilen: Gentle and dignified, these feline city-dwellers represent the most personable of the races from the Land of Beasts, and have an unnaturally lucky streak.
  • Elves: Lofty and regimented, the elves of Cobrin'Seil are known for beauty and grace, but also arrogance.
  • Felbraug: Mysterious and rare, the felbraug speak of the Earth's Mind, standing in the gateway of Cobrin'Seil's vast psionic realms.
  • Half-Elves: The half-elves of Cobrin'Seil are more flexible and less classically diplomatic than those presented in the Player's Handbook.
  • Half-Orcs: The "Burneye" half-orcs of Cobrin'Seil aren't as slow as those of the Player's Handbook, and are more distinct from both human and orcish parents.
  • Halflings: Cobrin'Seil's halflings began as a race of nomads, and grew into a seafaring culture responsible for much of the land's trade.
  • Humans: Cobrin'Seil's humans come from a variety of cultural backgrounds, leading to diverse appearances and traits.
  • Wu-Kan: An odd, forest-dwelling race fathered by an idealistic young deity, wu-kan are renowned for their good-natured recklessness.

Minor Races

Unlike the Major Races, the people of the minor races can go their whole lifetimes while never interacting with other races. Either because of personal insularity - like the Sun Elves - or simple rarity - such as the Equitarn - the Minor Races of Cobrin`Seil tend to exist in cultural pockets - smaller nations, city-states and other places of personal interest. The minor races presented in this section are:

  • Dwarves: The dwarves of Cobrin'Seil are distinguished by their clan-based heirarchy and descent.
  • Elves: The interference of Gods has varied the elves of Cobrin'Seil; Sun elves exemplify the fragile magical adepts, while Deep Elves are terrifying soldiers of the Underdeep. There also exist Woven Ones, positively-charged undead born from the spirits of fallen elven warriors.
  • Equitarn: A relic of a bygone age, the equitarn are proud and unwavering survivalists who stubbornly refuse to surrender their place in history.
  • Kobolds: Cunning and inventive creatures who are primarily responsible for the advancement of technology in Cobrin'Seil.

…And Many More

Across a world as vast as Cobrin'Seil, there are dozens of different races, all vying for their place in history. There are elven subraces, orcish clans, dozens of goblins, the mysterious Scalehands of Shar Turoc, and many, many more, all spread across a vibrant, everchanging world.

The Monster Manual and Dungeon Master's Guide feature a variety of other options for playable races, and Cobrin'Seil has its own fair share of monstrous denizens as well. It's rare that there's a race that couldn't be represented somewhere on Cobrin'Seil, given the influence of the many gods, planar travellers, or simply magical or psionic experimentation. Indeed, the history of a character who may well be an entirely unique creature could be a fascinating story hook, and could help to drive an adventure in a particular direction.

There are several races from other sources that can be appropriate player characters in Cobrin'Seil; however, in order to minimalise the number of sourcebooks required for play, this information has been made strictly optional; while having it will enhance your game, and give depth to the world of Cobrin'Seil, not having it shouldn't hurt your gaming experience at all.

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