Cobrin'Seil Pantheon

In Cobrin'Seil, there are a veritable deluge of gods. While there are tiers and ranks to deities - Lesser, Intermediate, Greater, and High - there are also hundreds of small gods. Cobrin'Seil is a world into which many and all may enter, and there are gods who may well resemble other worlds' gods.

There are twenty-seven gods that compose the Greater Pantheon. Of these, nine are are good, nine evil, and nine neutral; nine are lawful, nine are neutral, and nine chaotic. There is always a balance to be held. This is that which is spoken by many a priest, of the Great Balance.

In general, the Pantheon is built on this Balance. There have been at least two times of great turmoil in the Pantheon - the three years before Godsday (a mere fraction of time to a god), and the time before the First Age. Historians speak of a time blotted out to history - when magic was primal - and claim there was an actual war between the gods that held Cobrin'Seil, and some lone god that defeated them. This, however, is largely unconfirmed, though whispers speak of relics of this war, of abominations off cast by the gods themself…

This Balance, however, is generally unknown to the populace, because the perception of the Pantheon is slightly different. Instead of the Chaotic Good El, the common man sees the Neutral Good Erhymn as one of the Greater Inner Gods, and the Lord, rather than Lawful Evil, is seen as Lawful Neutral. These two errors of omission are those that give the Bidestrans at least, the notion of the forces of Good being in a position of power, and that the world is biased towards Lawful Good.

Good Deities

The Triune
Uilian The Everflowing
Yojandur The Accepting

Neutral Deities

The Deep Mountain King
Erallabein Delfae
The Nimble One
The Seafather
The Tan'Tarock

Evil Deities

The Black That Knows
The Fortuneseeker
The Lord
Rheiltahn Ducoris

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