Human (Cobrin'Seil)

Humanity is the dominant race in Cobrin'Seil. Humanity's primary land is the Bidestran continent, which is host to most of the major human races. Humanity is spread across a number of ethnicities, each representative of their own culture, with their own traditions and modes of dress.

Some of these cultures are so diverse and have such long histories that they have subcultures within them - for the purpose of this treatment, however, it suffices that the humans of Bidestra are split into several major racial groups.


Kyngdom humans have a base skin tone that is pale, but tends to appear darker; Kyngdom's long days and sunny summers has made many of its people - particularly travellers and adventurers - tanned. Kyngdom humans tend to have fair hair, and eyes ranging from grey to green in colour.


Corrindale humans are strongly influenced by the wu-kan population in their lands, which lends them white, grey and silver shades of hair, pale skin, and commonly blue eyes. Most human settlements in Corrindale are nonpermanent, and this gives the people a nomadic feel to them. Clothing is light and airy, and the Corrindale humans tend towards revering nature.


Symeira, the thriving metropolis of Bidestra, is but one of many independent city-states within Corrindale's borders. Symeiran humans are a cosmopolitan lot who lack a genuine racial distinction. Symeiran humans often appear as an odd mix of any other human subrace - from dusky skinned, red-haired individuals with brilliant blue eyes, to pale-skinned, fair-haired folk with sharp, fair features, and so on.


Kryphaneos is a cold, wet country, straddled by swamps and dense woodlands, living under the heel of a tyrannical regime of unnatural rulers. Kryphaneon humans typically have dark, thin hair and dark eye colours in browns or greys. Kryphaneon dress is dictated by practicality; it tends to have multiple layers, for warmth, and plain, drab colours.


Amenti's people are seaside dwellers whose primary industries revolve around harvesting their waters. This has helped develop a people with olive skin tones, with bright eyes and dark hair which tends to be curled and wild. People from Amenti usually have strong familial resemblence, made all the more prominent by their trend toward large families; it's rare for Amenti children to be born alone, rather than with a twin.

North Wastes

Humans from the North Wastes are usually tall, broad individuals, hardened by cold summers and bitter winters. They have stony, hard features, and their clothes emphasise practicality at the expense of style; furs and animal skins factor in heavily, and most clothes have some basic element of protection woven into them - even if just some stronger leather padding.


Nbyanan humans typically have dark skin and hair, the latter generally cut short, and eyes which can appear almost black. Marked by strong foreheads and broad noses, they have a bearing which can seem intimidating to those of more laid-back nations. Depending on what tribe the Nbyanan is from, dress varies; those closer to Savahlyne will often wear sarongs and jewelry, as well as other crafted ornaments, while those closer to Jarrath wear less clothing and decorate themselves with prizes from fallen animals.


Horandi humans have swarthy skin and dark hair, with most males cultivate beards as well. Clothing in Horandi is loose, flowing, and unisex, and tends to come in varying layers designed to disperse heat. Turbans and robes feature prominently here, often worn over loose pants for the sake of riding. Some showy individuals - usually those wishing to appear more exotic to foreigners - favour the more flimsy, fancifully-styled garb usually reserved for indoor house servants.


The few humans known to come from Jarrath are mostly free hunters, whose lifestyle has kept them in the jungle lands. Jarrath humans tend to be athletic in build, with dark brown hair and skin, and wide, dark eyes. Their hair is either left long, or haphazardly trimmed. Jarrath humans dress in minimal clothing due to the jungle heat and humidity, and favour clothes made of animal skins. Decorating themselves with small feather ornaments or stone and bone jewellery, the Jarrath people exemplify the classic jungle savage.


Humans that live in Savahlyne - that is, humans who have managed to gain permanent residence within the cities of the Lionaurs - are few and far between. Most "Savahlyne" humans are simply Nbyanans who have found a home within the larger population centers. The few humans who live in Savahlyne are usually traders, or from trading families, who have taken upon themselves the incredibly weighty burden of the Savahlynen honour system.

Rel Astra

Individuals from Rel Astra are hardy folk whose homeland does not harbour them any good fortune. Typically thin, lean, and tenacious, Rel Astran humans are reserved people with a tendency to surliness. Their native climate leads to weatherbeaten skin in olive tones, matched by dark hair and eyes. Rel Astran clothing tends to be hard-wearing, and often inherited; the climate and harsh conditions encourages a strong investment in long-term wear.

Seven Cities

Individuals from the Seven Cities have an element of draconic heritage to them. This leads to almond-shaped eyes and skin with a metallic tinge. They tend to not be particularly tall or strong-looking, yet carry themselves with great inner strength. The Seven Cities' beliefs about aesthetics mean that the people from the nation tend to focus on clothing that hides the motions of the body - long, flowing kimono, shirts that open easily, and sleeves that can be used to conceal small objects are very common.

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