Cobrin'Seil Feats

Feats are the stuff from which legends are made. They define an adventurer's abilities by providing new uses for skills, enhancing class features, or providing entirely new options. In this section are many feats and options available to characters of all classes and races.

General and Fighter Feats

Feats are not all the same. Some feats have subtypes, and some are sorted separately. Listed here are general feats, including fighter feats.

A General feat is, ignoring other subtypes, a completely normal feat. No special rules dictate who can and cannot take these feats.

A Fighter feat is a feat that is available for a fighter to take with her bonus feats. Any other class or prestige class that can take feats from the fighter's list are able to take feats with this type as well. This does not exlude non-fighter characters from taking the feat, unless it has no descriptors other than [Fighter]. A Fighter feat with no other descriptors can only be taken by a fighter using a fighter bonus feat (or a class that can also use that feat list).

A feat from any other source that can be taken by a fighter as one of his bonus feats is also considered a Fighter feat.

Background Feats

A Background feat is an extra feat gained at first level, regardless of class or race. This feat can only be selected from those feats marked as Background feats.

Background feats represent something about a character's lineage, upbringing, or an area they are particularly talented. For this reason, feats like Power Attack or Combat Expertise are not valid options for Background feats, as they are feats that represent and indicate expertise and training.

NPCs and Monsters don't receive Background feats by default. Background feats are the domain of heroic characters, and their most powerful nemeses.

Note that some feats are marked as background feats and general feats. This means they can be taken a character can take one as a normal feat choice rather than as a background feat.

Background Feats and the PHB

The Cobrin'Seil Campaign Setting isn't the only sourcebook with background feats in it. From the Player's Handbook, these are all possible background feat options: Acrobatic, Agile, Animal Affinity, Athletic, Deceitful, Deft Hands, Diligent, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Investigator, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Magical Aptitude, Negotiator, Nimble Fingers, Persuasive, Run, Self Sufficient, Skill Focus, Stealthy, and Toughness.

Growing into it

A background feat doesn't have to be something that describes a character's past; it can also be something which represents his destiny. Perry Ogg the sneak-thief might be fated to become an agent of El the force dragon, but he doesn't know that during his dog-eat-dog youth. When he's growing up on the streets, he thinks of survival, not of good versus evil - but one day in the future, his life will change forever.

Characters often change their outlook during the course of a game, and that's good. However, that does make it difficult to choose the right background feat, if you want your character to develop into something very different from what he is at the beginning. For this reason, the GM is encouraged to allow characters to take background feats for which they do not meet certain requirements, particularly alignment restrictions. In this case, the character can have the feat from 1st level, but does not gain any of the benefits until he meets the prerequisites.

The GM should exercise logic when deciding which prerequisites can be delayed in this fashion. A character can change alignment fairly easily, but it's hardly likely that he will become a different species.

Feats For Free?

Some DMs might consider the presence of a background feat as a bonus feat above and beyond the other feats a 1st-level character gets to be an overpowering option. In these cases, feel free to rule that background feats can only be taken at 1st level with a character's normal feat option; they are not an "extra" feat.

NPCs, on the other hand, should only have background feats if they are special, heroic characters. Background Feats are the mark of heroes - not every thuggish brute encountered in a dark alleyway is important enough to have a background feat, which is ultimately, the mark of the greatest of heroes or worst of villains.

Crafting and Casting Feats

This section includes feats specifically for the various spellcasters and item-crafters of Cobrin'Seil.

Metamagic feats are feats that let you modify the way your spells function when cast, usually applied to the spells when prepared (for casters who prepare spells) or when cast (for everyone else).

Item Creation feats indicate the character has the expertise to create things not normally handled by the Craft rules.Metamagic feats and Item Creation feats, and the rules governing such, are explained further on Page 88 of the Player's Handbook.

Source feats are a new type of feat introduced in Cobrin'Seil, which demonstrate a sorceror's heriatage and grant him new abilities based on the origins of his power. Source feats are specific to the sorceror class, and only one chain of Source feats can be taken by each sorceror.

For further details on how Source feats work, see the sorceror class.

My Magic Hates Me!

Using Source feats, it's entirely possible to play a Chaotic Good character whose magic derives from, for example, a Lawful Evil, scheming Baatezu. This was a deliberate design decision, to make it possible for players to play out the classic struggle between power, and power's effects. Players and DMs should feel encouraged to use this as a story seed, but DMs should just as much remember that a player isn't necessarily seeking to have his powers taken away. Powers should function reliably, and sorcerors are no different just because their power derives from an external source. Also, remember that even though the player has control over the function of their planar descent feats, doesn't mean the character does!

Why So Serious?

Planar descent, unlike Draconic Descent and Elemental Descent, is minimalist. This was to cater to people who wanted to minimize the impact of the Source feats. These feats are still here for flavour reasons, and a sorceror can still play happily without taking any feats (and using his bonus feats to take Metamagic feats), but the Planar Descent feat is there as an option for a player who wants to feel a sense of completeness about his [source] feats, gain a benefit without needing to invest other feats, and who wanted to use his levelling feats to pick up metamagic feats.

Psionic Feats

Psionic feats are feats that specifically derive their power from psionic energies. Psionic feats are all Supernatural abilities, and cannot be taken by characters who are not psionically active (having a power point reserve of at least one power point). In Cobrin'Seil, the two most common sources of psionic characters are the Felbraug and Nbyana's human tribesmen, who know themselves as The Aware.

Soulweapon Feats: These are feats that allow a character to create a psionic weapon out of an unreal substance. These weapons are always unique to their users - even two wielders who chose totally identical traits for their weapons can still treat them and fight with them very differently, and the two weapons need not look similar at all.

For some characters or campaigns, soulweapons could be nonpsionic - they are only considered psionic for this treatment as a legacy issue from the soulknife class. The GM should advise players on whether or not soulweapon feats can be taken as general feats.

Racial Feats

Racial feats used to represent an element of your character's abilities that are primarily due to some aspect of their racial background. Both a Felbraug and a Half-Ogre can take Power Attack Feat, but no matter how much he'd like to, no Half-Ogre can take the Soulseeker racial feat - a feat exclusively available to Felbraug that represents their unique reincarnationalist viewpoint on life.

Some racial feats are not limited to a single race. This is not due to the races sharing any kind of common training per se, but rather because the feat, mechanically, represents something that may have very different thematics to members of different races.

Note that all Racial feats that can be taken at 1st level may be taken as Background feats.

Tactical Feats

Feats with the tactical descriptor allow a character to make a number of thematically and strategically linked maneuvers that help coalesce the character's abilities. Tactical feats often take multiple rounds or specific circumstances to function.

Weapon Style Feats

Weapon Style feats are feats that are often taken as a culmination of a chain of feats that can help unite an otherwise disparate-seeming assortment of prerequisites. Weapon styles differ from tactical feats in that the bonuses they grant are most often automatically applied in any situation they'd be important.

A character may only ever take one Weapon Style feat.

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