Domains (Cobrin'Seil)

The following domains are available to clerics and adherents in Cobrin'Seil. Some domains are naturally rare, and a character would have to be truly unique to qualify as a servant of the ideal they represent (such as Corruption), and so, in the end, one must always ask one's DM for permission to have access to any particular domain.(get updated list from home. Include some of the better other domains from the list. No need to get all twatty about it.)

On Overlapping Domains

In some cases, some domains grant the same domain ability – for example, both Healing and Repose grant the ability to Turn Undead. In these cases, the abilities come into play separately and are to be tracked separately. In some cases, this does not grant any particular benefit to the Adherent, and can result in a "wasted" ability. In these cases, the DM may feel free to grant a bonus feat or some other bonus to compensate the Adherent (though, in some cases, this should be discouraged, as some domains are balanced by having weak abilities at some levels and strong abilities at others).

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