Cobrin'Seil Classes

Cobrin'Seil is a gameworld designed to help players craft their characters in a way that best fits the image they have in mind. To this end, Cobrin'Seil includes many new class options for adventurous characters. But sometimes, a whole new class isn't necessary, and included here are class variants for existing classes from other books - to better integrate them in the game, to grant more options to players, and to put control of the character in the player's hand.

Those races unique to Cobrin'Seil have their own racial substitution levels, presented in A Hero's Form.

New Classes

  • Adherent: A singular warrior of her god or cause, divinely blessed and given over to deeds mighty and militant.
  • Feral Animist: Some of these rustic warriors consider themselves animals caught in the wrong form, others consider themselves a creature assisted by a spirit that is greater than any mere animal could be.
  • Primal: To these individuals, the use of psionics is as an instinct, as natural as the need to eat and breathe. It is inescapable and undeniable, a part of one's very core.
  • Wilder: The original wilder class can be found in the Expanded Psionics Handbook. In Cobrin'Seil, for mechanical reasons, this alternative version is available.

Existing Classes

(Coming soon!)

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