With the dawning of the Third Age, a threefold revolution has crashed over Bidestra like a breaking wave. A formerly staid continent, whose nations were largely disinterested with one another, the three major nations of Bidestra are finding the Third Age to have introduced a new form of produce, one that is not limited by weight or distance - that of information.

Bidestra is a primarily equatorial continent that has a largely fertile landbase and therefore, has a great deal of produce. Bidestra is home to most of the common races, and many of the common races trace their heritage back to one of the three major nations of Bidestra.


Bidestra's primary language is Common - indeed, it's where the language evolved. The melting-pot of multiple cultures, influenced by a human baseline, led to a common language that may lack in refinement, but makes up for it in its versatility and ease of use.

Given the nature of the Bidestran population, most, if not all people on the Bidestran continent speak Common fluently. Only the most cloistered and solitary of characters lack a rudimentary ability to converse in Common.

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